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Boost the efficiency of your metrology solution.

Use the encoder’s full accuracy in your application.

Ensure high-accuracy positioning under load.

Advanced metrology: increased accuracy for measuring arms and metrology robots

The new MRS angle encoder modules from HEIDENHAIN thrive in applications such as measuring arms requiring particularly compact and rigid bearings. These encoder modules also exhibit exceptionally high repeatability.

Preliminary information about the new MRS 2200

The new MBR closed scale ring for the MCR 15 and MSR 15 modular angle encoders from RSF is particularly versatile. Not only does its modular design provide you with many options, but it can also be adapted individually to your application. That way you get a highly accurate encoder that is ideally matched to your application.

Preliminary information about the RSF MCR 15

Preliminary information about the RSF MSR 15

Our solutions for high-accuracy robotics are surely also of interest for many applications in metrology or quality assurance.

  • The KCI 120 Dplus dual encoder from HEIDENHAIN delivers motor feedback and position measurement in just one rotary encoder. It compensates for inaccuracies inherent in highly mobile and dynamic joints.
  • Thanks to its modular design with a scale drum or measuring ring and a separate scanning unit, the AMO WMRA angle encoder is suitable for large shaft diameters as well as for difficult installation situations.

Innovative encoders for robotics 

Transferable accuracy, specified for your application

The MRP 8000 angle encoder modules from HEIDENHAIN come as finished assemblies with predefined specifications for the machine manufacturer. The angle encoder modules combine high-resolution technology with a load-resilient bearing. All of their components have already been assembled and adjusted by HEIDENHAIN, so the encoder’s full accuracy is reliably utilized in your application.

Key benefits of this highly integrated system solution:

  • Replaces your bearing
  • Remains unfazed by off-axis tilting loads
  • Requires no critical assembly processes

Angle encoder modules from HEIDENHAIN simplify the design effort required for high-accuracy rotary axes. This is a clear benefit for producers of measuring machines, laser trackers, wafer handling robots, electrical discharge machines, and micro-precision manufacturing machines.

Important characteristics of the angle encoder modules:

  • High measuring and bearing accuracy
  • Very high resolution
  • Very high repeatability
  • Low starting torque
  • Smooth motion

All you need to know about the MRP series

Overview of the angle encoder modules

Heavy-duty axes: unfazed by cogging torques or radial forces


The combination of an MRP angle encoder module from HEIDENHAIN and a torque motor from ETEL enables exceptionally smooth motion control. Neither disruptive cogging torques nor radial forces impair the bearing’s high guideway accuracy. Also available are the SRP 5000 angle encoder modules, highly compact systems featuring a low profile and high rigidity. The high rigidity of their components also ensures consistent accuracy under varying loads.

The video shows the demonstration unit comparing the rigidity, system accuracy, and radial guideway accuracy of these axes in a conventional bearing design and with the SRP 5000.

Detailed specifications and product variants

Versatile measuring stations: workpieces tested according to your wishes

Length gauges, such as the ACANTO from HEIDENHAIN, and the GAGE-CHEK 2000 evaluation units turn your measuring station into an extremely versatile workstation and digitally connect it to the network structure.

The ACANTO length gauges are designed for operation in any position, and can be ideally combined to form a multipoint inspection apparatus which you can easily configure for individual and varying measurement tasks.

Functions provided by the HEIDENHAIN GAGE‑CHEK 2000 can also streamline quality inspection measurements. Its dial gage function, for example, graphically displays measured values in relation to their nominal values, warning thresholds, and tolerance limits for up to three axes or length gauges.

All you need to know about the HEIDENHAIN-ACANTO length gauge

Overview of the length gauges

Reliably capture measured values with the HEIDENHAIN GAGE-CHEK 2000

Overview of the evaluation units

High-precision rotary axes: high resolution and accuracy in your measuring setup

The ERO 2000 series modular angle encoders from HEIDENHAIN have a low mass and low mass moment of inertia, making them particularly well suited for dynamic applications with high accelerations. The modular angle encoders of the ERP 1000 series from HEIDENHAIN are available as an alternative for large axes.

For both solutions, the HSP 1.0 ASIC developed by HEIDENHAIN ensures consistently high scanning signal quality. Also, the encoders are particularly easy to install thanks to their wide mounting tolerances, within which the quality of the output signals is barely affected.

The particularly small ERO series in detail

The ERP series for larger axes in detail

High-end motions: zero-cogging drive technology and motion control with high control quality

ETEL offers a comprehensive range of low-profile, permanent-magnet-excited, three-phase, synchronous linear motors, covering over 90 percent of all industrial applications with direct drive motors worldwide. The ironless linear motors of the ILF+ series, together with the IWM+ magnetic ways, are ideally suited for demanding scanning applications in which no attractive forces are permitted and high speed stability is required. The motors feature excellent linear speed and force behavior.

One special feature of all ETEL motors, regardless of whether they are linear or torque motors, is their unique zero-cogging design. This design provides outstanding peak power density and unparalleled thermal efficiency, providing a considerable advantage in terms of precision.

Linear motors from ETEL

Torque motors from ETEL

Absolutely dynamic: linear encoders for large measuring lengths and high traversing speeds

Say hello to the newest member of the LIC family: the LIC 3000 series is joining the familiar series of LIC 4000 and LIC 2000 exposed absolute linear encoders. The LIC 3000 combines very small measuring steps of just 10 nm and traversing speeds of up to 600 m/min. The LIC 3000 linear encoders provide for the highly dynamic and precise position measurement of linear axes with measuring lengths of up to 10 m.

The large scanning field makes the LIC 3000 highly resistant to contamination. Localized impurities on the measuring standard have minimal effect on the signal quality and measurement reliability. Thanks to their dynamics, long measuring lengths, and sturdiness, the exposed linear encoders of the LIC 3000 series are particularly versatile and make the advantages of LIC encoders available in other applications as well.

All you need to know about the LIC 3000 series

Digital production: transmission of absolute measurement data in bus operation


Use the EnDat 3 encoder interface to connect multiple encoders in bus operation. You reduce the amount of cabling by needing only four wires in order to transmit data from three axes at a cycle time of 30 µs. Also, EnDat 3 offers you functional safety and comprehensive diagnostic possibilities, meaning you increase the safety and reliability of your operations. The universal and comprehensive communication of the EnDat 3 interface permits transmission not only of position data, but also of sensor data, system monitoring data, automatic system configuration data, and much more.

This makes EnDat 3 the ideal encoder interface for high system integration and for meeting the requirements of future digitalization. Its hallmarks are reduced system costs and the implementation of flexible machine architectures.

All you need to know about the EnDat interface

Limited installation space: ultraflat linear encoders for high-accuracy applications

The LIKgo and LIKselect exposed linear encoders from NUMERIK JENA are particularly well suited for use when installation space is limited. At the same time, they fulfill high accuracy requirements. Even as the standard-level product, the LIKgo already features all basic characteristics needed for use in applications that offer only little room for integration:

  • The scanning head is particularly small and lightweight, with dimensions of only 28 mm x 13 mm x 7.5 mm and weighing only 10 g
  • The newly developed two-field scanning method with a 20 µm grating period and measuring steps of down to 78.125 nm is very precise, delivers high signal quality, and is resistant to contamination
  • The interpolated TTL signals are output directly from the scanning head, without any additional electronics. Also, the signals have neither phase nor offset errors.
  • The expanded tolerances make mounting very simple and intuitive
  • The electronic signal adjustment optimizes the system stability

For customized machine designs, the LIKselect complements these advantages of the LIKgo with the strengths of the Kit L series from NUMERIK JENA. The LIKselect encoders can be individually configured to a particularly high extent.

The new generation of LIK encoders from NUMERIK JENA

Maximum versatility: modular encoders for your specific solutions

Are you looking for maximum flexibility for integrating linear and angle encoders into your systems? If so, then the solutions from RSF with their modular design are the right solution. Choose from numerous mechanical designs and a large number of interfaces to all common numerical controls. You always benefit from large mounting tolerances and very easy mounting of the encoders.

  • The MCR 15 (absolute) and MSR 15 (incremental) modular angle encoders with scale drums having outside diameters ranging from 50 mm to 350 mm are used for position and speed control of electric motors.
  • The MC 15 is an exposed absolute linear encoder for measuring lengths of up to 10 000 mm and highly accurate positioning in measuring steps of down to 50 nm without needing a reference run.
  • The MS 15 is an exposed linear encoder with a modular design. It lets you individually and optimally combine graduation carriers that are up to 20 000 mm long and scanning heads with measuring steps ranging from 10 µm to 50 nm, including optical homing and limit functions that can be integrated over the width of the scale.

Measure lengths and angles with RSF